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In June 2016, citizens of the United Kingdom voted by a close majority, for Brexit. That meant, at the time, that they wanted the UK to leave the European Union. It was covered by news outlets worldwide. Today, more than 2 years later, is the balance of that choice a positive one?


Brexit hasn’t even happened and we’ve heard words from CEOs and government officials such as: chaos, scarcity, food shortage, hormone-treated beef and chicken, and dubious trading deals with the USA and other countries. Officials have admitted that none of those have realized, even when they said that they would be ready before Brexit.


As I write these lines, Theresa May is approaching a third vote for the Parliament to decide on her mostly unchanged deal, which has already been rejected twice.

Several large companies have already made plans to move their operations to Europe after Brexit, with Nissan and banks announcing the layoff os several thousand workers.

In fact, no politician has described any prospect or mentioned any kind of well-being for the country after leaving the UK, with mostly vague mentions of “thrive and prosper” (who know how) being their main weapons to support this catastrophic choice.


And finally, current surveys proof that if there was a second referendum, the remain option would win, so it’s only stubbornness and a false idea of democracy what make Theresa May and many pro-Brexit politicians to keep fighting for an always-unreachable deal.

Both Labour and Conservative MPs recently voted against a second referendum, leaving Theresa May no choice but to simply end Brexit or keep playing her cards during a Brexit delay (but we’ve seen all of her cards, I think). European governments have raised their voices about the possibility that they may allow Brexit to be delayed if they get a commitment that there will be changes to the agreement to be discussed, or if Theresa May comes with a different proposal. But after several attempts by her to pass the same deal, I don’t think she’s going to. In fact, I have no idea what her next move will be if she get her Brexit delay.

Guess I’ll have to sit this one out, I don’t feel capable of producing a good forecast about this. May’s already proven that she’s not willing to cancel Brexit in order to have an easy exit of all this trouble. She seems to prefer to create some more instead.